How i’ve kept track of my vanity metrics accomplishments over the years. This one is from 2019!

Log everything to look back on during the hard times.

Jan, Feb, Mar - Q1 2019:

  • Released El Juego Video on Vevo, Apple, Tidal + more (placement on Vevo Rising)

  • Released Te Sigo Soñando reached 1m+ streams (placements on flow selecto, nuevo flow)

  • Release Divina reached 1m+ streams

  • Audiam catalog registration youtube content id

  • 2 sync licenses via songtradr - $1,000

  • Recorded new works

  • Outreach to brands and shows

  • Built playlist network listing

  • Meeting with Ditto+

  • Business dev - strategies, plans, marketing, and classes.

April, May, June - Q2 2019:

  • Released letal vertical video

  • Release Un Dia Mas - placements on NMFL and Nuevo Flow

  • Opened business bank account, setup quickbooks, new business PayPal, deposits for services.

  • Uploaded more works to songtradr

  • Songtradr 2 features on platform (best of the week + artist of the week)

  • Recorded new works

  • Collaborations with different producers

  • Vybes release - New music Friday latin/Nuevo placement - 100k streams 1 week

  • Launched official merch store via Shopify + Printful!

  • Released Perdido (NMFL and Nuevo Flow placement)

  • Hostgator side hustle award - $500 + prizes

July, August, Sept. - Q3 2019:

  • Reached 10 million all time streams on Spotify worldwide!

  • Officially launched Merch store

  • Direct “exclusive” offer from ONERPM

  • Approved for business credit card!

  • Somebody like you remix (placements on NMFL + Spinnin records and more)

  • Invited to SXSW panel by HostGator

  • Applied for SXSW artist showcase

  • TacoBell Feed The Beat

  • Applied for Youtube spaces Miami

  • Created branding for Insomnio (Main + individual artworks)

  • Announced plans for launching playlist 2.0

  • Otra Noche release September 13 -

  • Applied for SXSW song camp

  • Got main cover/branding for Insomnio

  • !Invited to perform at SXSW artist showcase 2020!

  • Added Anghami MiddleEast/North Africa streaming service portal for artists

October, November, December - Q4 2019

  • Invited to SoundCloud Bridge program in Miami!

  • License requests from songtradr

  • Launched Insomnio album/playlist

  • Playlist surpasses 500,000 streams overall - 11/7/2019

  • Abusadora New Music Friday Latin/Nuevo Flow placement

  • Soundcloud bridge program a success

  • ColorXstudio submission sent 11/28

  • No Es Justo - New Spotify playlist Academia placement

  • Soundcloud sessions release successful

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