I Am: Xcelencia (Polygon edition) airdrop.


This is the first official Music NFT airdrop for "Infinite by Xcelencia" backers.

43 editions for 43 backers. (No more will ever be minted)

You get the entire album in a single Music NFT.

This is my first official collection on OpenSea, all NFTs will be transferred manually to your 0x address! Check under “hidden” if you don’t see it in your collection.

Check it out HERE


This is the album that changed it all for me. 2016 I was going to call it quits, instead I shut myself off from the world, locked myself in the studio and made 60 songs. From there I chose a few I was going to release on a weekly basis as part of an artist playlist rather than dropping an album in one go.

It was truly the most fun I've had releasing music, not only was it challenging, it completely changed my perspective and most importantly the trajectory of my career. I rejected the standard, went against the grain, grew from 1,000 monthly listeners to just about 150k in a few months, hit over 2 million streams. This was all throughout the crypto run up of 2017, Hurricane Maria striking PR and having to bring my grandfather to live with us while things settled after the storm.

Infinite feels like this all over again. I feel inspired to release my art in new, exciting ways and I can't even imagine what the next few years will bring to my life.

thank you for reading


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