A web3 experiment in music ownership w/ Royal.

The intro

I am Xcelencia; a Puerto Rican artist, producer and founder innovating at the intersection of music and tech.

Most in web3 know me from launching my social token in 2020, minting music NFTs in 2021, or closing out the Infinxte crowdfund in early 2022.

While sharing ownership in streaming sales/royalties is not new, Royal supercharges this experience by opening up music ownership to anyone with a credit card. (or crypto)

Fan funding as a new way of financing music will be a large % of the music market in the future.

Fun fact: I am going to say it cause I am excited! to be the first Latin/Reggaeton artist on the platform and exploring with this model…Learn more why at the end!

Below are a few more thoughts and details..

Verse 1

Each token on Royal represents:

  • A percentage of the royalties from streaming services.

  • A license for non-commercial use of the digital art associated with the token.

  • Any token extras that the artist chooses to include.

  • 55 Tokens @ $29 each ≈ 1 ETH (5% of the streaming royalties from my share)

Tabu milestones:

  • Released Jan 28 everywhere

  • Minted the 1/1 on Catalog (Sold for 1.5E)

  • Synced on an Amazon Prime series

  • Tabu reaches 1M streams

  • Tabu "Milestone" NFT airdropped to all Xcelencia collectors

  • Sharing ownership in Tabu with on Royal

It’s safe to say that Tabu is one my most successful releases across the board.

The Bridge

I have gotten several offers from distribution companies that look a bit like this..

“They advance me $X in exchange for a percentage of the streaming royalties of a song for a set term.”

These deals like many others come with a few caveats:

  • Sign exclusively to the distro co. which means I can no longer distribute releases on other distributors.

At any time during the term I can immediately go from a priority to a burden at which point I can’t necessarily distribute a release outside of their system, which is why I’ve avoided this model…

To me its not just about independence its also remaining NON-EXCLUSIVE for the time being.

I will continue to explore here because it empowers me to retain independence, avoid debt financing and remain non-exclusive.

The Hook

This drop adds to the financial success of the release and can potentially increase exposure a year after the release of the song…

I spend a lot of time pushing artists to think about how they can continue growing a record weeks, if not months or years after its initial release…Don’t give up!

Labels are mostly successful because they nurture their back catalogs to feed their frontline releases and artists.

I consider myself slightly prolific in creation but meticulous during rollouts and not to forget I have a lot of fun doing it this way!

The outro

From my perspective its not just about innovating in web3!

My bet is that experimenting with this model will open up the minds of a generation of artists, producers, and songwriters in Latin music and Reggaeton that actively follow me…

I’ve tweeted many times about Reggaeton becoming one of the most recognized styles of music in the world, while the business and independent scene struggles to find sustainable growth and opportunity outside of the traditional system...

“Bad Bunny debuting at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 is hugely important for a Latin music industry that for decades has seen its artists systematically undermined by the mainstream media” - Leila Cobo

Puntos Claves traducidos en Español:

1/ Un experimento web3 en la propiedad de la música con Royal. Estoy orgulloso de ser uno de los primeros artistas de Latin/Reggaeton en la plataforma y explorando este modelo.

2/ Royal permite a cualquier persona con una tarjeta de crédito (o criptomonedas) compartir en las ventas y regalías de streaming, potenciando la experiencia de propiedad de la música.

55 Tokens @ $29 cada uno ≈ 1 ETH (5% de las regalías de mi parte)

3/ Celebrando los hitos de Tabu: Lanzado el 28 de enero, 1/1 en el catálogo, sincronizado en una serie de Amazon Prime, 1M de reproducciones en Spotify, 1NFT de hito entregado a los coleccionistas, 200k reproducciones en Apple Music, Lanzamiento en Royal.

4/ Seguiré explorando Royal porque me permite mantener la independencia, evitar el financiamiento de deudas y permanecer no exclusivo. Este drop aumenta el éxito financiero y puede aumentar la exposición un año después del lanzamiento.

5/ Mi apuesta es que experimentar con Royal abrirá las mentes de una generación de artistas, productores y compositores de música Latina y Reggaeton que me siguen y buscan explorar fuera del sistema tradicional.

Conoce mas aqui! -

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