el niño estrella "the smart album"

The vision was simple

How can I release an entire album experience onchain and continue to expand this world?

El Niño Estrella is my version of a limited edition digital box set.

In the future, the idea is you can collect more parts, to create a "super album" or an “ultimate set” adding assets that span beyond music.

Xcelencia AC
Xcelencia AC

A culmination of 10 years…

In 2014, I dropped my first album, Underrated.

My first attempt at D2F - This feels like a full circle moment.

I want the music to speak for itself but I think its dope that ENE features all of the producers that at one point collaborated with me.

The vision was to put together a project that feels true to myself and sound, showcasing my versatility and influences in one listen.

el niño estrella v1

El Niño Estrella v1 (tokenbound.org)
El Niño Estrella v1 (tokenbound.org)

ENE is an open Limited Edition until July 4, 2024.

Dynamic pricing: We are using Creator Rewards on Sound and Zora. At current ETH market price its averaging about ˜$45 to collect the album!

Instead of tiers there are options:

  1. If you’re a superfan, “Collect All” is for you

  2. A fan of my work? Collect a few

  3. First time supporter? Cosign 1

Rough estimates
Rough estimates

The box set includes:

  • 14 songs as collectibles (Las Nike excluded as it was a Coinbase Quest with an end date!)

  • Each with their own unique cover art

  • interactive music player

  • Journey video

  • Claim 1 unique experience

  • Discount code for merch store

  • High quality downloads (All 15 songs)

The Ultimate Set
The Ultimate Set

The smart album

Smart wallets enable a few interesting things. Here are a few

  • Smart wallet acts like a profile within your wallet (own assets)

  • The ability to transfer the entire set

  • You can Connect the NFT to interact with apps (governance + more)

  • Game like inventory system for future expansion

  • Composable media/content

As always thanks for reading and supporting the kid! - el niño estrella

Special thanks to Sweetman and team for helping me realize the vision! Thankful for the opportunity to collaborate on such a special project and we’re just getting started.

S/O to Zora, Sound, Catalog, Privy, Tokenbound, 0xsplits, and Thirdweb for providing tools for creators to build unique experiences onchain.

Mint is now available at estrella.city!

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