Infinite by Xcelencia

Update: We hit the goal! Thank you to everyone that contributed!

  • $EQUIS on via Bonfire - Airdrops are actively being distributed. More to come! (Feel free to DM to claim )

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Hi! I am Xcelencia and I am seeking 15 ETH with a 20 ETH hard cap funding goal to become the first latin/reggaeton artist to crowdfund entirely on Ethereum and release my next album w/o a major record label, reimagining the distribution with NFTs. The album takes a hybrid approach intersecting crypto native platforms and off chain music services. This crowdfund will let me free myself of industry standards, sustain my indie career and release incredible art to the world.


Infinite is an immersive multimedia album and digital art experience that will grow in real time as fans engage with the project. The project features select singles, music videos, along with demos and interludes that adapt sonically to the seasons as they pass. As part of the album, singles will be accompanied by a variety of NFTs, unlocking rewards and access to fans all over the world. Supporters can be a part of IRL shows and art exhibitions in Xcelencia’s hometown that will bring together the entire experience. The album is multicultural soundscape taking many shapes and forms, finding inspiration in Latin and Caribbean rhythms, Pop, Hip Hop/R&B, and electronica.


  • A series of singles releasing over the next year in addition to bonuses such as; interludes, project files/stems, remixes and demos.
  • Every focus single will be accompanied by a subset of NFTs; digital art, motion, music videos and audio 1 of 1s across distinct crypto native platforms.
  • Contributors will receive special perks such as; NFTs, priority access to IRL shows, limited merch, and exclusive content in the form of physical and digital goods.
  • My social token on Rally; Through Rally, EQUIS holders also earn rewards in the form of the token RLY, in addition to more EQUIS by completing bounties like supporting my music across social media platforms.
  • IRL showcase in my home city performing the new releases + NFTs displayed in a live exhibition format.
  • My official NFT genesis drop on Mirror which commemorates this special moment and is the key that unlocks the entire experience along with future drops.
  • 25% of on-chain sales from NFTs will return to the treasury.


I am a Reggaeton artist, producer, and entrepreneur who launched a label and music publishing co. in 2016. I was born in Puerto Rico and I am also half Cuban, which is an important part of my upbringing. My Fathers side of the family experienced the Cuban revolution and during those years suffered immensely, they experienced asset forfeiture, families were separated, and goods like meat, soap, and other items that we take for granted were rationed. Their story is unbelievably inspiring as they made their way to Puerto Rico and started from scratch, building a generational foundation that instilled an unmatched work ethic in me that money simply can’t buy.

Recently surpassing 35 million streams around the world, I have become witness to the democratization of music on a global scale and believe that NFT’s, social tokens and web3 is the next frontier of a truly democratized creator economy. My journey in crypto started in 2016 where I began searching for an edge through technology. I discovered blockchain and fell in love with the idea of provenance, immutable data, real-time tracking and pay outs of royalties via smart contracts.

Outside of my personal career I consult and assist underrepresented creators from Latin America. I help them efficiently monetize their works and assist in developing their personal careers, with the long term ambition of launching a DAO that will represent and accelerate underserved talent in my genre for years to come.

Notable Career Highlights:

  • 6 Albums and EPs released since 2014.
  • 35 million streams across all platforms.
  • SXSW 2022 official showcasing artist.
  • Featured on Soundcloud The Bridge (Miami)
  • 250% YOY growth streaming.
  • 100% YOY growth in streaming revenue.
  • Editorial: NMF Latin, Radar US Latin, Fresh Finds Latin, Urbano Rising, Rap y Trap.
  • Sync placements - MLB THE SHOW2021, Telemundo, Tazo Tea, Mobile games.
  • Independent Music Award - Album of the year - Latin (2016)
  • Over 35 million streams across all platforms. - Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, Pandora.
  • Taco bell Feed the Beat (Fall 2021 cohort)
  • Launched social token on Rally in May 2021.
  • (3) 1/1 music NFTs sold on CatalogWorks.

Why Xcelencia and why now?

Latin music is experiencing a renaissance, going from a seasonal trend to a lifestyle in the same way that hip hop and electronic music have dominated cultures around the world. I want to contribute to that in a multitude of ways. Historically my genre is one of the most monopolized in popular music, leaving little room for growth due to the power of existing gatekeepers. (It's simple, I've reached a ceiling and with your help I can transcend.)

Raising the hard cap funding goal is about the equivalent of 100 million streams from Spotify alone. The majority of my streams originate from LatAm where the avg. pay out is about 50% less than the industry standard. ~0.001 GROSS.

In 2018 I set out as a goal that I would retain independence until I gained the leverage, catalog, and skill set necessary to reach success. My vision was to patiently wait for the world to notice the power of web3 and crypto. From my perspective cryptocurrency is a misnomer and I am passionate about the ownership-based, cooperative business model that it enables.


How it works:

  • $INFINXTE token + NFT is your proof of patronage and governance token; the crowdfund is capped at 20 ETH. It will run for 30 days, or until the hard cap has been reached.
  • $INFINXTE is issued at a ratio of 1000 tokens to 1 ETH. 50% of the supply goes to backers.
  • To participate, collect the included NFTs to commemorate the crowdfund, giving you a stake in the project to unlock the IRL events and secure future airdrops.
  • Join my social token EQUIS on Rally - Rally is a platform for creators and their communities to build their own independent digital economies, Rally takes no fees, has low environmental impact, requires no crypto experience, and will be used for rewarding contributions and incentivizing the community as a whole.
  • Funds will be stored in a Gnosis multisig via a Ledger Nano X hardware wallet for additional security. You can find the address HERE.
  • 25% of on-chain sales from NFTs will return to the treasury.

*IMPORTANT to all backers (ofc this is optional but will love to have you!): To receive your $EQUIS, after you back the crowdfund click the token gated link by Mintgate and claim your $EQUIS via an airdrop powered by the team at Bonfire.


  • rally, home to the social token that powers my digital fan club.
  • catalog, releases will be minted as 1/1 audio NFTs on catalog.
  • zora, music videos minted on Zora.
  • audius, expect playlists, remixes, giveaways that empower other creators to participate.
  • Async, programmable and dynamic audio/visual experiences.
  • Others in the works: but please reach out if you want to collaborate!

Allocation of funds:

  • Music Videos.
  • Collaboration fees.
  • Digital artists + Motion artists.
  • Marketing/PR campaigns.
  • Venue booking for live exhibition/showcase.
  • Personal advance for my month to month expenses.


  • First single and NFTs will be released in January 2022 prior to hitting streaming platforms.
  • Singles should consecutively follow soon after on a recurring monthly basis. (Aiming for every 30-45 days.)
  • Demos, interludes and other music will be exclusive to the community. Airdrops anyone? These won’t release on Spotify, Youtube, or Apple Music.
  • The goal is for the first IRL event to occur on or after the 6th release. (Exact details TBD)
  • If the community and supporters call for a full album release we will make it happen!
3 Editions
Collectable NFTs available exclusively for backers.

NFTS AND TIERS: (Tiers are cumulative)

X. PATRON PODIUM (top 3 backers):

  • Fly out to IRL showcase and exhibition.
  • Special channel + role on discord for top 3 patrons.
  • Custom designed merchandise item.

A. LEGENDARY PERKS: (Tiers are cumulative)

  • Attend a livestream studio session as we produce some of the songs.
  • “Legendary” NFT collectible on mirror. (Exclusive to this tier only)
  • VIP access to any of my future shows that I perform in your city in perpetuity.
  • Lead future proposals and assist in the growth of this project.

B. EPIC PERKS: (Tiers are cumulative)

  • Credit on all releases pertaining to the Infinite album on web3 platforms and official website.
  • Care package w unique items.
  • Specialty print of favorite artwork off the project.


  • Priority viewing and access to gated content prior to official release.
  • Select your Infinite branded t-shirt or winter wear.
  • Special Role and access on discord.
  • Livestream of showcase/exhibition with invite to IRL events.
  • Airdropped community exclusives - demos, interludes, and other audio goodies.

*We are envisioning perks and rewards growing with the project over time.

NFT by Motion director: Luis Miguel Torres (AVIV) (Ultra, Resistance)

some closing thoughts..

  • Commitment: A series of singles ensures a long term commitment to the project, despite market sentiment and dynamics. Singles allow for extensibility and iteration in two fast paced industries.
  • Execution; I have been releasing music consistently for ten years. If there is anything that keeps me going is delivering my art to the world.
  • Vision; to go GLOBAL as one of Reggaeton’s most important acts and accelerate underserved creators from Latin America and beyond.
  • Purpose; this goes beyond raising capital. I want to grow my community, inspire emerging creators in my genre and in general continue to be an advocate that champions independence and ownership.
  • Focus; over the next year this project will be my primary focus. I don’t particularly see this as an experiment but rather the foundation that will set up my career over the next five years.

This moment is special to me. I truly manifested this. I never expected any success in crypto as a creator, it skewed towards other genres/creators so much it seemed almost impossible around 2018. Over the last year my outlook completely shifted and I had to essentially start from 0 to prove my value in the space. I wasn’t searching for validation, rather meaningful relationships that could lead to amazing collaborations in web3.

I am thankful to everyone who contributed ideas and energy to this! I can genuinely say that this project is a dream, a magnum opus, the title infinite was inspired by the idea that the music industry is continuously evolving and so is my journey within it. Although Infinite is the name of the album it is essentially ME, my supporters and the rest of my career…

thank you.

Special thanks to Vajresh Balaji, Aj Phlote, Alex Siber, Carlos Flores, Patrick Rivera, Matt Alston (Bonfire), Melissa Zhang (Bonfire), Rally. and so many others! This list is truly infinite.

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