2023 and beyond..

Just for fun predictions. (still tweaking and updating)

Creator economy (music)

  • Non-DSP environments provide new value and opportunities so they will continue growing.

  • Alt. finance models for artists looking for real capital and scale come into the forefront. From debt financing to recurring rev loans and equity financing.

  • Globalization further expands the middle class of artists but they need to work twice as hard to sustain.

  • Music collectives, metalabels, co-ops come to fruition these will take time (mindset/mental models, edu, structures, operations)

Music NFT’s

As artists in the space grow and inevitably get consumed by majors they go on to have big time collaborations, the deal structures get so complex it may be easier to explore brand-related (music not included) drops that facilitate the release cadence majors have in place.

Membership passes/fan clubs provide new incentive's and models for artists and their communities.

Music NFT-FI may spark some innovation - though this could financialize us further

Capital inflows and acquisitions take hold over the next two-three years. Artists will not agree with most acquisitions.

Music platform on some other chain gets the masses attention in the same way Top shots did or a better example is something unexpected like dog coins taking market share.

Web3 streaming payments are hard af but masses will understand preloading a wallet and user centric pay distributes it amongst their listens to their fave artists

Music bonds on the blockchain do pretty good but you need a bad ass app and a hell of a marketing budget to educate the masses otherwise its just royalty exchange on the blockchain.

Crypto indexes

Cryptos growth and maturity despite the turmoil in 2022 should not be a distraction from the real inroads the industry has made.

Look at sectors as opposed to individual tokens/coins or NFT collections.

I like Set Protocol, Index Coop, Enzyme, Arch, and perhaps in the future creator economy and creator indexes around NFTs and social tokens. (I believe Forefront has something similar.)

Institutions love hedging and indexes are a great tool for exposure.

Buzzy metaverse stuff + social tokens

”The things that were discussed/mainstream exclusively to web3 2021 to 2022 will take center stage as retail and others ask “whats next?” DAOs, social tokens, and more buzzy metaverse stuff” - GCR

Fortune 500’s love this stuff

Web3 media NFT collections continue launching fungible tokens as complementary products to their ecosystems

Crypto is cyclical but it also has some sort of delayed effect I can’t describe.

l/earn (ERC20s and 721s) - no one (in their right mind) wants to actually trade but l/earning is cool and fun

I’ve done every Coinbase earn available. It also opened the gateway to defi for me late 2018.

Rabbit hole is great too.

(Every web3 music platform should have an l/earn module btw.)

Enterprise blockchains comes into the fold again

Hint: they never left.

Real world assets and tokenization accelerates via institutions most have never heard of (actually happening rn) doesn’t matter what the purists think.

Crypto 2024

Market run due to presidential election and crypto as a major policy discussed in the running in addition to the Bitcoin halving sets the tone for 2024 going into 2025. The memes are gonna be wild.

Decentralized storage

Infra is relatively unknown and uninteresting but it wins

We will see more consumer apps and enterprises adopting decentralized storage for particular uses

Hint: Creators could should have exposure and governance here


Tornado cash debacle, privacy smart contracts, private assets, gov exploring CBDCs, social networks selling our data, tracking, cybersecurity... $ZEC $SCRT

Privacy is normal>

Altchains + L2s + Polygon

L2s attract their respective users and sectors they won’t be generalist chains for the most part

Appchains built on L2s/zk - DYDX, etc.

I still call it MATIC, but anyways, their biz dev and track record this far is impressive

Investing for all

2016: Commission "free" trading for all - Robinhood, Acorns (incumbents adapting)

2023+: “Private equity” investing for all - Titan, Prometheus (incumbents adapting)

Prediction markets

Sports gambling is on the way UP. Drake? Robinhood acquires something in this space

Also fanatics is worth how much?!

Solid use case for smart contracts and as we go more mobile/digitized this generations exposure to investing during the pandemic are going to look for more dopamine hits, after the “recession.”

Soon they will take bets on creators, very utopian but high possibility. (Kinda already happening)


From Steemit to Lens and Farcaster..

We may see some integrations directly on marketplaces/platforms we actively use for a deeper experience with collectors..

From dumb to smart contracts

AI + smart contracts enable new use cases

This was a meme at some point, is it still a meme?

automated hedge funds, trading strategies, AI fin advisory, AI lawyer, etc.


More micro and temp DAOs surge with particular objectives and visions

Progressive decentralization progresses

Social impact - On my recent trip to Mexico where we spoke about web3 music a lot of the individuals that approached me are interested in social impact using NFTs.


Nothing in this collectible mirror entry constitutes professional, legal and/or financial advice.

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