W3b crossover with Harrison $FIRST.


im super excited to announce this song in collaboration with Harrison $FIRST. The 1/1 mint will go live Friday on Catalog.

Harrison and I met on twitter around Aug 2021 (damn, feels forever ago) we connected because of our similar experiences in web3. Harrison launched his social token $FIRST and has been building his community since 2019.

He heard my music, checked out my social token on Rally and we instantly clicked. We didn’t talk collaboration until shortly after but we had a good idea of what we wanted to bring to the world by combining our talents and experience to drop something special.

This is exactly how REAL came about. I had a rough demo of the song and I knew performance wise it was spot on. I scrapped some of my verse parts and made space for Harrison to come and do his thing. He killed it.

The music production on the OG demo was good but I knew it needed to be reworked. Sonically I wanted something cohesive that complemented are parts. I sent the a cappella to my collaborator in Argentina and he did an amazing job at recreating the music and increasing the production value it deserved. Melodically there is a lot subtleties and textures but everything is in its respective pocket, with something fresh appearing on every listen.

Out now on @catalogworks + AUDIUS

thank you for reading.


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