Tabú - 01 ♾️

gm. on Dec 11, 2021, I launched my crowdfund right here on Mirror. Take a look below!

This song marks the first official release off the Infinite project.

Tabú as fearless artistry.

Tabu is a latin future funk inspired by some of my favorites, like Daft Punk, Dua Lipa and The Weeknd. Music NFTs spark my creativity and have removed the hesitance whenever I have new music to bring to the world.

My songwriting/recording process is very spontaneous, Tabú was pure energy, I recorded the song in less than two hours and sent it out to produce the very next day. My producer Daniel (Shine) in Argentina knows what I am capable of and has been pushing me to explore other genres to elevate my sound and Tabú is the result of one of many styles we are exploring to drop as a part of Infinite.

I’ve been experimenting with this sound since 2017 but it was collecting dust in the hard drive. As a Reggaeton artist there are certain expectations. Imagine arriving to the studio and being told to create music for the club, Tik Tok, Spotify playlists, etc. Sure, I’ll play the game but I am more excited about how I want to actually play it. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I enjoyed creating it. For a lot of us the muse takes possession and once we deliver, enthusiasm and hope drift away, for this reason we selflessly release the art into the world.


Drop it like its hot:

A. The 1/1 is live on Catalog.

B. Inclusivity is important to me so I decided to explore with limited a/v editions as a way to include the community and newcomers!

30 editions at 0.05 ETH.

Tabu Print holders:

  • Can claim $EQUIS on Rally sending me their etherscan transaction along with their RALLY IO user name! (Sign up for free at
  • Holders are invited to help select the music for the TABU remix EP in an upcoming listening session.
  • If you’re a producer interested in joining the remix EP, this collectible gives you access to the group stems. Lets make something 🔥!
  • Downloadable full audio visualizer.

- thank you to @everyone supporting the journey!

!Join my discord to connect w/ me.


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