What's next? INFINXTE


Gm fam!

As per the crowdfund vision, the strategy was to do single by single music NFT and DSP releases which has worked incredibly well.

INFINXTE is one my best performing projects to date: I do a monthly update/breakdown right here on Mirror check it out below.

Side A includes:

Not to mention three other releases separate from Infinxte:

I believe that rolling out the remaining songs this way compounds the growth of the project, giving every song it’s deserved moment. It also removes the complexity of packaging the project together given that the drops used different models (1/1s, editions, free) and not to mention the current split allocations that add another layer of complexity.

I am open to suggestions and feedback! Feel free to reach out to get involved.


  • I’ve been gradually reaching out 1:1 to fulfill remaining perks/benefits. (Some are pending due to development or because they are IRL.)
  • Other experiences include the completion of my web3 site powered by Bonfire to be updated continuously with content - unreleased music playlist, BTS, and personalized exclusive content to be added as it relates to Infinxte.
  • I am currently developing a showcase in my hometown (Orlando) which has a popular Reggaeton scene and then we plan on taking it to NFT Basel Miami! Please reach out if you want to partner, sponsor or support this.

Below is a brief roadmap looking ahead and how Infinxte extends beyond my personal projects and looks forward to your involvement.

Future roadmap:

  • Curated music NFT EP featuring Latin artists new to w3b.
  • Membership NFT drop.
  • Migrating creator token to mainnet.
  • Label/Publisher “co-op/DAO” with a focus on Reggaeton.


Listen to SIDE B below! (Token gated $INFINXTE)

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