el niño estrella by Xcelencia

The Intro:

"El Niño Estrella" is the evolution of my upcoming album.

It's a unique, dynamic collectible that changes in connection with my artistic journey.

As a kid it felt that I had the biggest imagination!

We tend to lose that sense of wonder as we grow older but part of me held it close…that's how “El Niño” was born.

A concept album. It explores world building, multimedia, and innovation to tell my story.

el niño estrella stems from the idea that “stories transcend mediums..”

el niño en puerto rico 1996
el niño en puerto rico 1996

The Vision:

For this collection, I teamed up with Passage to bring the concept to life;

Passage develops crypto infrastructure for the new membership economy.

A. We’re innovating by using off chain Spotify streaming data as a trigger, here's how it works:

  • Trigger: The image changes if Xcelencia gets 100k or more streams on Spotify within any given calendar month. Streams can be from any mix of songs by Xcelencia.
The future is bright
The future is bright

B. The great part about dynamic nfts? The ability to update media, attributes, and traits over time.

Imagine community-sourced rulesets, tiers, onchain member engagement, and other off chain events updating your collectible.

Level 0 - before the artwork begins to evolve layer by layer into its final form. Art by MuchoZorro (Cris Ramirez) COL
Level 0 - before the artwork begins to evolve layer by layer into its final form. Art by MuchoZorro (Cris Ramirez) COL

The experience:

Think of the pass as an access key to my creative world, rewarding the community, and unlocking experiences.

The goal is to bring supporters into the heart of the creative process and incentivize the community to engage even after mint.

It’s a real time look into of the creativity behind my art, music, and career.

The Fun

  • Connect with Xcelencia - https://guild.xyz/enestar

  • BTS access to album creation and process.

  • Rewards for each monthly update.

  • Claim or receive airdrops that I like to call “Moments”

  • Opportunity to A&R a collaboration?

  • Brand expansion and Character IP launch.

From El Niño pitch deck
From El Niño pitch deck

The Funds

On Dec 2021, I launched the Infinxte mirror crowdfunding campaign.

In 3 months we managed to raise ˜$50k to fund the Infinxte project!

The project went on to do some pretty cool things on/off chain! (I kept a public monthly log on Mirror)

Funds raised for ENE will finance operations, marketing efforts, produce engaging short-form lifestyle content, and create IRL activations like listening parties and showcases.


The Mint

Together with Bonfire, I've launched xcelencia.world. You can mint passes here, discover experiences and rewards, and keep up with the album's progress!

  • Open edition live on OP network.

  • Presale: July 21 - July 28 (.05 E) (min 5 per wallet)

  • Public Sale: July 28 - August 4 (.07 E)

Share Drop: You are also able to generate a referral link and earn 5% as a curator!

Share Drop
Share Drop

Presale allowlist includes over 5k eligible addresses:

  • Xcelencia collectors on Sound

  • Infinxte crowdfund backers

  • State of Sound collectors

  • Xcelencia Catalog collectors

  • Tabu - Royal collectors

  • Rookie Card collectors

  • I will be reserving passes for friends, family, and collaborators.

The Recap:

  • Dynamic membership pass.

  • Debut Album: Access my upcoming album.

  • Evolving Artwork: The Pass, as an evolving artwork.

  • Community and collector engagement.

  • Experiences: BTS access, music drops, rewards, and collaborative opportunities.

The Outro:

This drop sets in motion Chapter I: The Spark Of The Imagination // La Chispa de La imaginación.

Thank you for taking a chance on the kid!

Special thanks!

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